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 Tele-Com Investigations


Garden State Investigations and Security is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured investigation firm located in New Jersey. Professional services are provided throughout the nation helping clients and professionals uncover who is behind un-listed, non-published, and cellular numbers. (email, fill out our free request form or call us for the above services)


Click here if you want to covertly record ALL Incoming and Outgoing CALLS!!


Even if you just have an address we can investigate to uncover the un-listed number for the address provided.


Please browse through our website or take a look at our request form page for other great services we provide.


Garden State Investigations and Security has years of experience in Law Enforcement and Private Investigation work.



Stop Harassing Calls OR Catch That Cheater

With Block ID-Beater!


Block-Beater Caller ID Service!

This is a service wherein you engage our services to identify ALL of your calls.

We unblock every call (even if intentionally blocked), this includes:

  • Cell Numbers
  • Unlisted Numbers
  • Private Numbers
  • Non-Published Numbers
  • Payphones
  • Blocked Calls (callers using *67)

*Even Calls marked "Unavailable" will be revealed instantly*

The service is completely transparent to the caller, meaning they have no idea you are capturing their number. This service is completely legal and can be set-up instantly by calling today. We offer short term and long term programs.



This service is ideal for Identifying:

  • Harassing Callers
  • Stalkers
  • The "Other Person" In An Affair
  • Kids' Friends, Boyfriends/Girlfriends
  • Those Annoying Hang-Ups In The Middle Of The Night.


What You Need:

Call forwarding feature available for the number where you are receiving harassing calls.

Another phone, cellular, pager, or business line you would like your calls temporarily re-directed to

(this way you don't miss any important calls)


You Supply: The telephone number (Cellular or Land Line) where the harassing calls are calling & an alternate phone number you want us to redirect your calls to.

We Return: Reports on who called your number including the number that called with the time & date of each call. You NEVER miss a call, all calls will be forwarded to the number you specify.

*If the number we are forwarding your calls to has Caller-ID service, you will immediately see the number that is calling.



Order on-line or call us at 1-888-888-5159 to get started. Once set-up, we will get EVERY number that calls you, regardless if the number is blocked or from a cellular number, payphone etc.

Then, if you need one of our licensed investigators get the name & address from the number just order on-line or let us know.



All fees listed above include, set-up, reporting & call activity.
There are NO additional fees!

Optional: Recording Of All Calls (inquire within)


Please note that this service is only available in the United States