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Covert PhoneSPY USB - 2  


PhoneSPY USB - 2 Line Recorder Functions and Features:


Covertly (if desired) ... Record, Manage, and Store All Your Phone Calls on Your PC (Windows) for up to two lines for the low price of a one line unit!

Automatically keep a record of what was said on every call in or out on your PC.


Simple and Quick Setup:

Easy to install and use...


Automatically Record All Phone Conversations

Easily Review Phone Logs On Your Computer

Easy to Use & Completely Portable

Monitor your kids or protect your business with this easy-to-install USB phone recorder. Plug the USB Phone Recorder Manager into your phone line between the receiver and wall jack and connect it to your PC's USB port and install the included software on your Windows PC. It takes only a few minutes to set up this digital telephone recorder, and all your calls will be stored to your computer's hard drive.


Managing recorded calls is simple. Sort lists by phone numbers, time of call, or call length. Add profiles to specific numbers, with names and IDs of your choice. You can even organize and export your files as Excel spreadsheets, making call management efficient and file backups easy to transfer.



 USB 2.0 Compatible and USB-powered

Search Function

Caller ID for Incoming Calls

Export Log and Address Book to Excel

Audio Quality: 64KBPS, 8KBPS

1 USB Phone Recorder Manager

1 USB Cable

2 Telephone Wires

Recorder Software


Only $149.95 Includes FREE SHIPPING!