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NOTE: In Reference To Computer Investigations and Digital Forensics: If You Desire Findings From Today and back in time, you have come to the right place!

Services we provide are:

Digital Forensic Analysis:

(these are just a few examples: computer hard drives, USB drives,  floppy disks, CD's, DVD's, PDA's, cell phones, digital camera media, flash cards, etc......

There may be hidden or deleted evidence in any one of these digital components.

Do you have a digital camera and suspect that there were pictures taken and purposely deleted to avoid being viewed? Or need to recover deleted photos? We can help!!

Digital Investigations:

Evidence might be sought in a wide range of digital crime or misuse, including:


Civil litigations


Different types of fraud cases

Sexual harassment



Suspected Child Pornography

Email & Password Recovery

Lost passwords?

Employee sabotage?

We Recover Deleted Emails!

Hard Drive Wiping

Wipe the drive before you donate that old computer!

New employee or re-allocating the computer to another person?

Drives are wiped to Department of Defense standards

Data Recovery

Recover lost or missing files

Recover accidentally deleted files

Hard Drive Cloning:

Upgrade your drive with no need to re-install everything

Protect yourself-business and have a back-up drive

Need all computers to be the same? Clone the drives

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